I am so grateful for feedback from my clients and students....


"I completed my level 1 Reiki with Helen and I cannot recommend highly enough! Helen is an amazing Reiki Master and a beautiful soul, her approach to teaching was above and beyond more than what I expected. A fountain of knowledge and is very approachable and supportive to her students , I am so pleased and excited to continue learning with Helen in the near future, Thankyou again for all your hard work and being a shining light 🙏🏼"      Nate Boltz, Reiki 1, Nov '21

"Very informative but without it being an information overload. Easy to follow and Helen was so friendly, answering any questions I had and a brilliant teacher through the course!"      Amy Burrows, Reiki 1, Nov '21

"The course was beautifully run at just the right pace. The balance of attendees was great. The layout was good.......
Really well run and worth every penny. A really thorough and relaxing introduction to the history and practical side of Reiki. Truly relaxing and enlightening. Thank you."     Sarah C, Reiki 1, Feb '22

"It was lovely being in a small group and sharing our thoughts and experiences. It was also good to be given time to reflect after each meditation."
SN, Reiki 1, Feb '22

"Your teaching skills, deep and broad knowledge of the topic and your passion for the subject made for a brilliant 2 days. The pace and content were spot on, I really enjoyed your openness and honesty. You created and held a really safe space to explore and experience applying my knowledge. Thank you, I’m feeling well prepared to continue my practice after the course."     Melissa Bailey, Reiki 1, Feb '22

"Loved learning to meditate."    BM, Reiki 1, Feb '22

"Very held and supported whilst being pushed gently to do the work with confidence. Thank you."   Rebecca Schwarz, Reiki 1, March '22

"I was quite nervous to attend course and apprehensive if it would help me as I struggle to sleep and other issues going through menopause. I couldn’t believe how quickly I relaxed during the meditation sessions and the difference the TOUCH from Helen made and felt incredible after the 2 days. I am now using the techniques and continue to sleep better and calmer. Hoping to try on my husband soon. Thanks so much."    Sam Maloney, Reiki 1, August '22

"This experience was phenomenal. Helen is an excellent practitioner and I felt well informed, encouraged and safe throughout the training. Her experience and knowledge is outstanding, there is so much passion in what she does and the resources and gifts are a lovely touch. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this course and once a suitable time period has lapsed, I will be in touch with Helen for the next stage of my Reiki journey. An outstanding course."  Kirsty Nash, Reiki 1, August '22

"Thank you so much for an amazing experience of learning Reiki 1 with you. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment and the information and materials provided were amazing!"    Louise Squires, Reiki 1, November '22

"Had an amazing 2 day Reiki Level 1 with Helen at Alvechurch Reiki. Amazing teacher and an inspirational women. The training was a good balance of theory and practical. Helen made me feel at ease, explained everything really well, I felt so comfortable with asking questions. Having the manual and flash cards were great along with other little treats in our tote bag. I feel very privileged to be taught by Helen and highly recommend. Looking forward to my level 2. All I want to do is meditate and do Reiki all day, every day. Thank you."
Jane Brisbourne, Reiki 1 March'23

"My eyes were well and truly opened! It was fantastic to learn so much in such a short time. Understanding the theory of Reiki has really helped to lay the foundations."
Rachel Davis, Reiki 1 April'23

"I was very nervous having no other students to bounce off but after just half an hour I became comfortable and actually realised this was a positive experience having a 1.2.1 course. The two days were very relaxed and I enjoyed every minute. I would highly recommend Helen to take anyone on this amazing journey. She has such a beautiful way of teaching and has given me so much confidence." Lou Edwards, Reiki 2 Oct'23

"The practical elements were so interesting and eye-opening and the attunements were the most beautiful and spiritual moments. The theory and teachings were clear and I felt comfortable to ask questions and add comments. When doing the treatments on ourselves and each other I felt such an awareness of Reiki and felt very prepared and comfortable."    IG, Reiki 1 Feb'24

"Such an eye-opening experience, felt very relaxed and definitely have expanded my knowledge on Reiki and meditation. Great thanks to Helen for helping us find an awareness of Reiki and learn how to calm stress or re-focus through treatments."   
GL Reiki 1 Feb'24

"Everything was absolutely amazing. I enjoyed every minute of the course and will be putting into practice everything I have learnt. Thank you for being such a kind and considerate teacher. I have met and got to know some truly beautiful people during the course. Looking forward to more training in the future." 
Margaret F, Reiki 1, Feb'24

“Loved meeting Helen and the other ladies. Helen shared great knowledge and experiences of Reiki. I felt totally comfortable, the attunements were really special and practicing treatments was a wonderful experience too. I found the whole course a positive, wonderful experience and I will continue my new path with Helen for sure.” Jennie P, Reiki 1, April'24

“I have just completed Reiki 1 course with Helen. As someone new to the practice of Reiki and meditation I found the course amazing. It was informative as well as practical and I feel energised to carry on my personal practice. Thank you 🙏”  Karen T, Reiki 1 Apr ‘24



"I'm blown away by my experience and genuinely feel lost for words but I'm going to do my best to leave this review. 

Helen is amazing, attentive, caring, calming; she explains everything really well. She makes you feel very comfortable and most importantly safe and relaxed. 

My experience was unbelievable from waves of overwhelming emotion to warmth and complete relaxation. 

Helen is a wonder and is born to this....I will be returning and recommending to everybody. Everyone should have this experience at least once in their life. Thank you, Helen. You deserve every success - see you again soon."

Louise Young, Reiki Treatment, Jan '22


"I had not experienced Reiki before and was not certain whether or not it would be for me. But the experience was fantastic. The meditation treatment was profoundly relaxing - I can safely say that I have never been so relaxed whilst still being awake! I strongly recommend Helen as a practitioner."

Roger, Kings Heath, Birmingham. Reiki Treatment, Jan '22


"This morning I had my first Reiki treatment at Alvechurch Reiki. I had been struggling with a low and volatile mood for a couple of weeks. This is pretty common for me in January, as there's an adrenaline slump that hits me after a period of extra pressure at home and work, but this January saw Covid hit my household too, so I've felt even worse. I still couldn't wind down even after a long countryside walk and a pub lunch, so this Reiki booking could not have come at a better time. I felt instantly calmer arriving, my body relaxing immediately on the comfy treatment couch, enveloped in fluffy blankets, and helped by Helen's soothing voice while she took me through a guided meditation. The Reiki treatment effectively relaxed me and the tension and stress melted away. I don't know much about Reiki , which affects different individuals differently, and my eyes were closed, but personally it felt strange and amazing - from light floating sensations to swirling kaleidoscopic patterns in my eyes. I continued to feel very chilled afterwards, and expect the effects to be lasting. I can't think of any better way to spend a self-care day. Highly recommended!"

 Charlie Hart, Reiki treatment, Jan '22


"As soon as you walk in to Helen's sanctuary Reiki space it feels safe and special. From the initial consultation through to the aftercare, Helen's manner and professional approach was outstanding. The session was incredibly therapeutic, from the led meditation at the start to the final moments, I felt protected, relaxed and allowed myself permission to be healed. From warm sensations to an array of colours and deep relaxation, I thoroughly recommend a visit to receive Reiki from Helen, especially if you are looking for peace, relaxation and full emotional and physical body healing. It has been a game-changer for my holistic health journey. Thank you, Helen!

Lynn Jinks, July '22


"I had heard of Reiki but I have to admit I didn’t have a clue about what it was. I have a very busy life, a working Mum so I felt that some relaxation & head space was needed - and this is exactly what I got. Firstly lying down in the daytime in a room that smelt divine and being calmly talked to really felt amazing, then feeling the sense of release of tension in my head, feet and the rest of my body was such a pleasure. Helen is a true professional making me feel welcome and comfortable at every stage. She took the time to listen to my life, then applied treatment practically through her expertise. I really enjoyed my Reiki session and had booked a package of 3 which I was planning to give away however keeping for myself now with a view to have regular Reiki. Many thanks Helen" Michelle W, June'23


"I really enjoyed my Reiki treatment with Helen. I didn't know what to expect really but she made me feel comfortable and happy right from the moment I got there and soon my nerves melted away. I loved the guided meditation and the reiki treatment. I left feeling so calm, reset and rejuvenated! In this mad non-stop world, it's definitely beneficial to take time for yourself and I'd recommend Helen to everyone. Thank you!" Zoe B, Oct'23


"Helen is a true master of her craft. During my reiki treatment today, I had an amazing spiritual experience which has left me feeling invigorated. Her skill is just exceptional and I already cant wait to visit Helen again. Thank you so much." Natasha Phillips, Feb '24

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